Tram Advertising

There’s nothing more iconic than the Melbourne trams… But these days, they’re not alone. With tram lines being laid in Sydney, the Gold Coast and Adelaide there are now trams all over Australia.

Placing your advertising on a tram provides your business with a very visual, high impact reminder of what your business has to offer. A tram is large mobile billboard that has the potential of capturing the attention of huge audience and also works well in tandem with other mediums like television, radio or online. Of course, it’s not just the trams that offer advertising potential. Tram stop advertising is a great way to reach your audience and give your brand a greater presence in capital cities. At Distress Rate Media, we’ve seen great success with tram stop advertising, capturing the eye balls of passengers and pedestrians all at the same time.

At Distress Rate Media we’re constantly receiving new deals on tram stop advertising. Our experienced media traders look over every deal and pass the best ones on to you. We can even assist you in creating artwork and design assets so you’re ready to go when the best deals come along. We deal with the tram suppliers directly so you don’t have to. Not only can you benefit from our decades of experience, but you can also get quick access to the best deals and drive your marketing budget further.

Talk to Distress Rate Media today about how we can make tram advertising work for your business.