Train Station Advertising

Ever been stuck at the station waiting for a train that’s been delayed? You’re not alone. In fact, on average rail passengers spend 12
minutes waiting on the platform every time they travel. You can say a lot in 12 minutes… that’s why at Distress Rate Media we think train station advertising is a great way to sell your brand.

At Distress Rate Media we have great deals at train stations in Melbourne and Sydney, as well as other capital cities and even in regional areas. With more and more Australians using public transport every day, train ads can really make a message stick. Using clever creative strategies, you can get passengers to start talking about your business by investigating your offer on their ever constant smart devices while they wait on the platform for their next train to arrive. Railway station advertising is a great way to reach your customers. Whether it’s advertising in metro train stations, regional hubs, or subway station advertising, Distress Rate Media has access to some of the very best deals. There are even opportunities to advertise inside trains, as well as outside on the sides of the carriages, so your brand is always front and centre in the minds of the people you want to reach.

Twelve minutes is a long time. Just imagine how much you could say to your target demographic with a little help from the train station advertising experts at Distress Rate Media.