Media Buying Services

So you’re probably wondering: what exactly is media buying? Put simply, it’s all about buying radio ads, television commercials, and all sorts of out of home ads ranging from billboards, to airport advertising, to train, tram and bus stops.

Distress Rate Media is a Media Buying Agency. That means we look at all the of the available deals in Melbourne, Sydney and all across Australia to find the very best deals. How do we know what’s a good deal and what isn’t? It’s because Distress Rate Media was founded by media buyers with experience in some of the biggest radio stations, TV networks and outdoor companies. You could spend all day looking through every media deal that comes out, but you don’t have to because at Distress Rate Media we do it all for you. Because we buy so much media, we get the very best deals and pass the savings on to you.

Our services include billboard advertising, radio ads, TV commercials, and all other kinds of out of home media. The media industry is a constantly changing environment. Trends, prices and fashions are constantly changing. But at Distress Rate Media, we’re always on top of the latest data so you can rely on us to give you the best advice to navigate the landscape and avoid the pitfalls. At Distress Rate Media we deal with the media suppliers directly so you don’t have to. Not only can you benefit from our decades of experience, but you can also get quick access to the best deals and drive your marketing budget further.

What Our Client Say

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Distress Rate Media has provided Nowicki Carbone with very cheap radio advertising. They’ve subsequently helped us with discount TV and print advertising. They are a pleasure to deal with, professional and demonstrate a good return on investment with all the campaigns.

– Tony Carbone, Nowicki Carbone