Media Buying Agency

As a Melbourne Media Buying Agency Distress Rate Media was started by media traders. We’re buying and selling every day, so we have our ear to the ground for the latest discounted offers.

At Distress Rate Media, our agency is made up of people who have worked in billboard advertising, television buying, and radio sales. All that combined experience means that we know a good deal when we see one, so you can be sure you’re getting the best value for your marketing dollar. You might be wondering how it all works. As it turns out, the media industry is like any other business. Media networks create products they need to sell. If they don’t sell enough, they’ll start discounting to get stock out the door. The only real difference is that instead of selling sofas, cars or surfboards, they’re selling TV commercials, radio ads, billboards and newspaper ads.

Every day our inboxes are flooded with media buying deals from all over the country, from big metropolitan markets like Melbourne and Sydney, as well as rural and regional opportunities across the country. We go through all the options so you don’t have to, offering you only the very best deals. Because of our experience as media buyers working in outdoor advertising, TV, and radio we know when is the best time to buy, meaning that you get more ads for less money. We might be a media buying agency, but we also have access to some of the best creatives in the country. If you don’t have an ad to run on TV or radio, or any artwork for billboards or out of home, we can help make sure you have creative assets ready to run when the right deal comes along.

When great last-minute offers pop up, we let let you know, saving you a fortune on media.