Frequently Asked Questions

So you like what you see, but you still have a few questions. No stress. Here’s a list of Distress Rate Media’s most frequently asked questions:

Who can use Distress Rate Media?

Businesses with annual media budgets from $200,000 to $8 million all enjoy the buoyancy of Distress Rate Media. Whether they’re
household names or new entrants to the market, Distress Rate Media can help with amplifying campaigns, promoting special events, or even managing an entire media buy.

How quickly can I get my advertising live?

Much quicker than you think! Most of our deals are last minute, so Distress Rate Media can act to get your ad live very quickly. It ultimately depends on the format, but we can usually get your message out to your customers within hours.

But what if I don’t have an ad?

That’s no problem. Distress Rate Media are partners with the very best creatives in Australia, so creating a quality advertisement is easy. We can even help you build a suite of creative assets so you can take advantage of media deals as soon as they become available.

Why should I choose Distress Rate Media?

At Distress Rate Media we’ve created a hub that lets you access drastically reduced advertising rates from the country’s largest media networks. Instead of having to look through every potential offer yourself, DRM’s Media Buyers can present you with the best deals at the best prices.

Can I get 30 Day Payment Terms?

Of course you can! Naturally some terms and conditions apply and it’ll just be subject application, volume and approval.

What Our Client Say

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Distress Rate Media has provided Nowicki Carbone with very cheap radio advertising. They’ve subsequently helped us with discount TV and print advertising. They are a pleasure to deal with, professional and demonstrate a good return on investment with all the campaigns.

– Tony Carbone, Nowicki Carbone