Distress Rate Media – The True Cost of Missed Opportunity

What will the cost of missed opportunity be to your business when the beat drops?

What is the ‘beat drop’?

“The drop” is a term specific to electronic music cultures such as dance or dubstep. It indicates a point in the song where the rhythm and pace change dramatically in order to enhance the energy of the song.”

The world’s worst kept secret when talking about the recovery from the COVID-19 crisis is that at some point the beat is going to drop. Before it does there are a lot of people standing still tapping a foot and waiting for it. The hardest challenge for media buyers in 2020 is knowing when it will drop.

Of course we aren’t really talking about dancing, we are talking about how brands and businesses recovery from this crisis. For the sake of this article I will try and avoid the use of words like ‘unprecedented’. The mere use of the word was unprecedented as they say.

With restrictions slowly being lifted, children returning to school, and the hibernating marketing and advertising industry all seeing a glimmer of blue sky, what’s next? What we have seen in the last 7 days is an incredible amount of enquiry, especially through our distress rate media opportunities that are obviously in abundance. The scary part is that everyone is asking the same questions and saying the same things. Confidentially here they are the top 2:

  1. When restrictions lift what deals are out there for us to get back out there?
  1. We want to be ready to go when the announcement comes!

 Our agency like many others have been planning for our clients for weeks. Working on strategies to take advantage of unpre……… um ……. ridiculously low media costs before the wave of brands re-enter the market. For us this is the real challenge. What is the economic benefit and result for our clients being 2, or better still 4, weeks ahead of their competitors in going live with campaigns. The short answer is millions of eyes and ears can be reached for 1/10th the usual investment pre-COVID 19. However, once the beat drops and clients and agencies all over the country start re-investing media budgets, you are too late. The graph we will see is obvious.

 It’s not all doom and gloom. Do nothing and you will likely return to a market share roughly where you left off. Be smart and get ahead of it and you will reap the rewards. 

What did Donald Trump suggest might cure the virus a couple of weeks ago? You remember right? Why would your brand get forgotten any quicker?

 If you’d like to see how a plethora of opportunistic media buys can assist your business feel free to get in touch with the Distress Rate Media team.

What Our Client Say

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A brilliant company to deal with, we approached DRM in August 2016 to conduct some launch advertising of our Pickle Juice product. From the start, the DRM team were a pleasure and worked closely with us to get radio distress deals (and scripting) to support the launch. I also admire their ethical, transparent, and results-driven approach to doing business and this has meant a long-standing relationship between us. I strongly recommend getting in touch with the team if you want the best rates and support from knowledgeable people….& impressive results!

– Allan Shearer, Pickle Juice Australia