Bus Stop Advertising

You can’t avoid buses. Whether you’re on one, waiting for one, or stuck behind one in traffic, buses are a fixture of every major city in
Australia. It might seem frustrating at first, but it’s actually good news if you’re looking to advertise.

At Distress Rate Media, we’ve seen great success with bus stop advertising. With commuters often spending up to 9 minutes waiting for the next bus to arrive, your business can reach a captive audience of passengers as well as passersby. Of course, it’s not just bus stop
advertising that we’ve seen work. A Distress Rate Media we’ve also seen brands elevated with bus-back advertising and full
bus-wrapping. Bus-back advertising and wraps are unique as they literally move your brand around the city, delivering your message
to an even wider audience. Placing your advertising on a bus provides your business with a very visual, high impact reminder of what your business has to offer. A large mobile billboard has the potential of capturing the attention of huge audience and also works well in tandem with other mediums like Television, Radio or online.

At Distress Rate Media we’re constantly receiving new deals on bus stop advertising, bus wraps and bus backs. Our experienced media traders look over every deal and pass the best ones on to you. We can even assist you in creating artwork and design assets so you’re ready to go when the best deals come along.

So stop waiting… Talk to Distress Rate Media today and get your brand moving all over Australia.

What Our Client Say

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We have used this agency to book media for 2 of our events, and we’ve been really happy with the service and pricing. The team, and Marty, are knowledgeable, friendly, and very responsive to make sure that we get the best media buys, and show return on investment from our advertising spend. They have also (and continue to) assist us with creative concepts, and reporting to show the success. Overall, we’ve had an excellent experience.

– Connie Paglianiti, Eventcepts (La Dolce Italia)