Billboard Advertising

At Distress Rate Media we love billboards. There’s nothing quite like seeing your brand up in lights. Whether you’re driving down the
highway, walking through the city, or travelling on public transport there’s always a billboard grabbing your attention.

Whether it’s Large Format Billboards, Street Furniture, Bus Shelter Advertising, Train Station Advertising, Train Internals, Tram Internals, Train / Bus and Tram advertising, Shopping Centres, Universities, Office Towers, Cafes, Taxis, or Airplanes, we’ve got you covered. If you want a big site in a capital city, Distress Rate Media can help. We have access to Melbourne billboards, Sydney billboards and all other
capital cities. What about a billboard in a regional area? We can help with that too with regional billboards across Australia. In
fact, no matter where you want to Advertise Outdoor , DRM is ready and waiting with the very best deals.

By partnering with Distress Rate Media’s outdoor traders who have a history of working in outdoor media sales, you will enjoy the
benefits and first-hand knowledge that will ensure you’re accessing rates reserved for the major brands in Australia. There is a reason that outdoor media has been consistently growing in the past 10 years – it works! Get in touch today with the DRM billboard advertising agency and we’ll gladly walk you through the landscape to find the most relevant opportunities for your business.

What Our Client Say

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I have used Distress Rate Media consistently to take advantage of their knowledge of the opportunities that become available through making bookings close to air time. This has proved time and time again to be an efficient use of marketing budgets, both small and large. In addition, they have also been able to assist in the creative execution at late notice to fully exploit the opportunities that present themselves.

-Chris Burke, Plush Sofas